GolangUK 2015 Conference

Last Friday I had the pleasure to parcipate as an organiser of the GolangUK 2015, the first conference around Go language that was celebrated in UK.


Little bit of history

Everything started in the Go London user group meetup I was talking with my friend Alex about the idea of organise a big event community driven and non profit, so we get together a couple of times to talk about it, to see the steps that we had to do to organize it.

We did some research and we left the idea for a while, mainly because It was a lot of work in a field that we didn’t have any experience.

And sometimes the magic just happens

When we were not sure about the idea, Johanna contacted Alex. She’s a really good Go developer and also one of the organisers (with Sam) of the PHP UK Conference a conference with long track of successful editions.

We talked about the idea in a pub, and the team was the perfect combination to make GolangUK :)

GolangUK 2015 the good

I really enjoyed the day, even with the little tension to be an organizer, was almost a perfect day, really good speakers, awesome venue with really good food. Talking with old friends and making new.

The bad

The only complain that had is that we didn’t have enough gophers for everyone, we tried to give the gophers to the people arriving first, but was difficult to manage with the all bags around the registration point.

You really feel bad when someone ask you, “can I get a gopher for my daughter?” and you gave the last one 2 minutes ago.


Was really difficult to encourage and find diversity in the speakers and delegates in this type of conference, specially with the call for papers, I had some help from people in the slack community to promote the event, but even with that there is a lot of room for improvement, any feedback and ideas are welcome.

Thank you and see you next year

Thank you everybody to make it happen, and my highlight and special thanks for the closing keynote to Damian.

The videos should be realeased soon :)

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August 28, 2015
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