Golang Taipei Gathering

A week ago, taking advance of my trip to Taiwan I had the opportunity to assist and speak at the Golang Taipe Gathering #15.


The event was hosted by the company who made PicCollage.It’s a little app to make a collage of photos, is very popular is Asia (over 12 million active users), and that’s probably one of the reasons that Go is very popular in Asia, you have lots of users, so you need technology easy to scale.

I enjoyed a lot the talk by Jerry Huang did about Gobot with one of the Sphero balls. The presentation was in Chinese, but the slides were in English so it was not very difficult to follow even I don’t understand any Chinese word.


My presentation was about how to implement Microservices in Go, based in the work that I did for my last client. As a take out, is good to have a complete self explained slides when you are presenting for a non English speakers, it makes much easier to follow.


After the talk, Ash the organiser of the meetup, and his friend Benjamin take us out for dinner in a local place, were the food was awesome! Thank you so much guys, was so much fun!.


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October 12, 2015
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